Diversity today.

This is the place to find some current important issues on racism and diversity.  Even though some of these issues start out of school, they can all have an effect on the children's attitudes and how they act towards diversity in the classroom.

In our Schools.

Polar Bear Fights. Find out more by clicking here.
The topic of rising violence to middle and young caucasian men in the college town of Champaign, Illinois, is examined.Some attribute that to African American youth targeting older white males in acts of violence. 

Bilingual Education. Find out more by clicking here.
Currently and in years of late the ability or inability of U.S. citizen's to speak English has been a hot topic. This article looks into bilingual education and the ethnic diversity that it so closely relates to. 

In the Workplace.

A case of racism in a nursing home. Find out more by clicking here.
In this blog article it is explained how an African American employee at a nursing home in Indiana felt the effects of some very real discrimination. The worker was not allowed to help a nursing home patient on the basis that the patient did not want aid from an African American. This article goes further into detail with the case and shines the light on some situations were we might not always assume intolerance is present.

In the Economy.

Foreclosures. Find out more by clicking here.
This article asks the question, "Are foreclosures racist." It then goes on to explain a very hot topic of discussion in today's news. Listing statistics and facts behind why many people are feeling the effects of discrimination and intolerance even in the housing and lending market.