Dinner for two.

Hear is an idea for those teaching older classrooms (think 16 yrs. old to adults.) This is also a neat idea for larger classrooms. This teaches adolescents and adults that we all have predeterminations of each other - no matter how socially accepting we try to be. It shows there is always room for growth and that tolerance needs to be continually practiced throughout our lives. 

Here it goes - the dinner for two plan.

  • The students in the class are asked to choose someone that they do not know and are possibly intimidated by.
  • These two students then pair up and exchange contact information.
  • They return to their seats and immediately write a description of the person in which have just been partnered. This description should include overall impression of the person.
  • The students then meet up with their partner for at least 1 hour out of class. (Good ideas are dinner or coffee.)
  • They are then to write a new description of their partner. They are also to explain any misconceptions they had or any changes of opinion that they have developed.