What others can offer. 

Below you will find a list of links to many other sites that are great resources for promoting diversity in your classroom.
You are encouraged to visit all of these sites to find new, valuable ideas, tips and advice. To visit the other sites just click the link and it will be opened another webpage. 



Understanding Race

This is a great site to educate yourself and your class on the broad topic of race. It has great features such as interactive timelines and quizzes.

Teaching Tolerance

This site features hundreds of activities for various age levels. It has surveys, lesson plans, activities, articles and lots of advice. Below are links to some of features that deal directly to diversity.

School Policies and Processes Use this survey to rate the quality of your school and examine its promotion of diversity.
What Do Halloween Costumes Say? Examine costumes and look critically at the stereotypes they represent.
What We Can Learn from a Box of Crayons Looks to a everyday item to explain diversity to smaller children.
Fighting Prejudice and Discrimination Student explore what it means to have a learning disability and prejudice toward it.
Coalescing Across the Globe Students look to explore global differences through a pen pal.
Confronting -isms Students confront and record there own personal biases. 
Clothing Based Bias How clothing can influence our perceptions of one another is explored.

Racism. No Way.

This site includes classroom activities, reference materials, and other resources on education equity. The activities range in age appropriateness for 4-12 years of age.  They also provide information on relevant issues in which the media fails to tell all of the pertinent information.

ProCon Teacher's Corner

This site gives information on tons of controversial issues.  They provide teachers with lesson plans to incorporate these issues into their classrooms, including the standards that are met.  They also defend the benefits of debating issues and critical thinking in a classroom.  Teachers and students are allowed to comment and provide feedback on how these issues were used and the effect in their classroom. 

Multicultural Pavilion Teacher's Corner

Her you will be provided with resources for teachers including workshops and training, awareness activities, diversity quizzes, and multicultural curriculum.  This site has collections of essays and research, songs, speeches, and quotations concerning social justice.  The founder, Paul Gorski, has worked with schools, colleges and universities, and community organizations all over the world.  This site also has a link to buy multicultural posters.

Preschool Rainbow

This site is a good resource from exploring different cultures through early childhood educational activities.

Teach Peace Now

A great resource for teachers and parents to promote values, attitudes and behaviors that encourage non-violent resolution of conflict, respect for human rights, democracy, intercultural understanding and tolerance.