Get them talking.

Here you will find a variety of activities that you could use as a base to get your class talking and discussing deep issues. Look to these activities as a guideline and adapt to your particular age group or level. Also remember that once you get them talking it is easy to keep them talking and the more they discuss an- that is why these discussion starters are here for you to use.

Storytime Comparisons

This is an activity targeted towards matching classic stories and talking about there meanings.  Included is a link to a classic story that you can have your children gather round and listen to and then discuss. 

Cartoon Critique

This activity introduces the classroom to a racial/social/cultural cartoon and then uses that cartoon to start a discussion and debate on diversity.  You will find two cartoons with prompting questions that you can use, though, this activity can easily work with any other controversial cartoon you may find.
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Checking Stereotypes

This activity is to find out what the students think of when they think of a stereotype. It can be a good way to approach new and popular stereotyping that you may not be aware of yet.
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Music Analysis

This activity features a song that you can have your class analyze and critique on terms of prejudices and classifications. Using this as an base example you can form discussions like this with many songs and articles.
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Dinner for Two

Read through and adapt this idea to get older student to communicate and open up to each other. This activity involves them identifying some of their misconceptions about others and overcoming them. 

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