Tips on your overall approach.

Here are a few tips for you to keep in mind when trying to promote diversity in your classroom. In elementary and middle school each child is constantly learning new things about themselves and those around them. Each day forming new opinions and reactions to the differences that make up their world. This makes the classroom a great place for you to hone in on their curiosity and make cultural and racial diversity a common topic.

1. Encourage questions.                                                                                                             
We are all curious. Let children know that it is okay to ask questions about the differences they see around them. When they have the chance to talk about what makes others different it makes them more apt to understand that we are all different in our own unique ways.

2. There is more diversity in the world than just racial and cultural differences. 
Take this opportunity to help children learn about all different types of diversity in the world. This includes gender, physical abilities, religious, social and many more ways that we are all different in how we live and conduct our lives.                                                                                                          

3. Tolerance is already there.
We are all born with a natural sense of what is right and wrong. Children tend to be fair, kind and open naturally. It is hate and anger that they have to be taught.  Building upon this, you can use the classroom as a place to nurture their natural feeling towards others.